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  • Make Your Own Unique Dry Oil

    You are unique, so are your needs and we know it well...

    Make your own Unique Dry Oil, according to your own needs and the fragrance of your preference. Fill out the form:
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  • Body Scrub With Mud & Dead Sea Minerals & Ivy Oil

    • It activates the blood and lymphatic system.
    • With fine grains that penetrate the pores of the skin and retain glow throughout the body.
    • Removes toxins.
    • Works against stress & increases well-being.
    • Increases the elasticity of the skin.
    • Ideal for local slimming, firming & deep exfoliation.
    • Heals skin abnormalities & disorders
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  • Sale!

    Gel Anti-Cellulite & Local Fat With Ivy Oil & 5 Essential Oils

    250ml/8.50oz Gel against cellulite and local fat. Its composition improves blood circulation as it increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues. With 5 essential oils that activate local decongestion & ivy oil. Ivy oil is the most effective oil anti-cellulite and local fat (slimming). It reduces fluid retention and removes it from the body. Finally, ivy oil is considered to be particularly effective not only in the treatment of cellulite, but also in arterioles, phlebitis and stretch marks. The best combination of natural ingredients with great results
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  • Repairing Dry Oil

    200ml/6.8oz Active natural ingredients perform deeply under the skin, giving a glowing & velvety effect. Prevents stretch marks while nourishing and softening existing ones, by restoring all the natural hydration levels of the skin. It contains pure natural ingredients, which are very skin-friendly and suitable for using during pregnancy. For Use after the first trimester of pregnancy up to three months after childbirth, it prevents stretch marks on the belly, thighs, buttocks and chest. The enriched formula contains a targeted cocktail of herbal active ingredients that makes it an amazing natural product also for the face, providing deep hydration with no trace of oily residue and strong anti-wrinkle action. Absorbed quickly without leaving any trace of oily residue on the skin.
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  • Moisturizing Hand Cream

    100ml /3.39oz Rich natural moisturizing hand cream that leaves no trace of oily residue on hands
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    Moisturizing and Aromatic Body Cream

    300ml/10.15 oz Variants: Mythic Scent , Ethereal, Powder, Classic, Soap, Ocean, Sweet Flower, Night Dream, Fresh Gardenia , Vanilla, Exotic Vanilla , Light Musk, Coconut, Summer Fresh, Baby Soap, Arianna, Golden Sand, Gardenia Moisturizing body cream, that gives the skin a glow & fragrance that lasts all day. No trace of oil residue. Deeply hydrates and keeps your skin soft.
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