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The company Grandma’s Drawer Cosmetics was established in 2011 for love of nature and the people. Grandma’s Drawer Cosmetics combine active components of natural origins, plant extracts from plants found in the Greek flora and essences.The formulas of Grandma’s Drawer products contain natural ingredients at a percentage of 80% to 100%, excluding those components the use of which has been accused of side effects to health or have aggravating effect to the environment, like silicones, parabens, paraffin oil and others. Our main component being Almond Oil, combined with essences and extracts from aromatic plants and the beneficial herbs of the Greek flora thus creating beneficial compositions.

Our History

I am a graduate of the School of Aesthetics and worked for five(5) years in the field of Aesthetics and Cosmetology. On a daily basis I used diverse cosmetic products, branded and non-branded. Looking into their labels, I observed carcinogenic substances, heavy metals, animal experimentation and more. Having always loved nature and animals what saddened me was the fact that we, in our daily routine make use of products which harm us but the environment as well.
Looking back into the past, where my grandmother (born and raised in Constantinople/ Istanbul) often talked to me about the use of herbs and essences and what amazing cosmetic products we could make through the use of these that nature had and has to offer. It was her hobby as well as her professional occupation for the years she lived there. For me, her story was a source of inspiration, as with her formulas she made cosmetic products and perfumes. Inspired therefore by my grandmother and together with her formulas as a legacy, formulas which she always kept locked in her drawer, the company Grandma’s Drawer was born.